Praveen Sethupathy, PhD

Director of Center for Genomics at Cornell University and Board Member of BioLogos

Webinar: Creating Harmony Between Science and Faith

Friday, October 30th, 10am-11am EST
Guest Lecturer: Praveen Sethupathy, PhD


For Nearly 100 Years ...

We have supported the Christian Medical College & Hospital of Vellore (CMC), one of India’s most prestigious private healthcare and medical education institutions.

Through your generosity, we fund research that’s shaping the future of medicine; education that prepares India’s next generation of healthcare professionals to tackle the country’s toughest health challenges; and compassionate care that provides physical and spiritual healing for those most in need.

Philanthropy Built on Partnership and Purpose

By nurturing lasting relationships with individuals and organizations who share our passion for CMC’s mission and Ida S. Scudder’s ethos, the Foundation continues to be a source of enduring innovation and compassion. Learn about our key partners below.


CMC’s U.S. alumni serve as the standard bearers for charitable giving and leadership in their support of the Foundation and CMC. This extraordinary group inspires and challenges itself and others to act as a force for good in their own communities and around the world.

Faith-Based Community

CMC’s and the Foundation’s relationship with the U.S. faith-based community dates back to the year 1900. Through the extraordinary support of various denominations, CMC has deepened its dedication to high-quality care and expanded its reach to include millions.

Friends of CMC

Many supporters of CMC -- here in the U.S. -- have ties to this unique institution that are founded upon first hand experiences resulting in a genuine desire to ensure the continued success of this organization -- one that has adopted empathy as an institutional culture.

Public Sector

Since 1982, the collaborative efforts of CMC and the Foundation have resulted in public sector grants totalling $11 million from the U.S. Government’s American Schools and Hospitals Abroad (ASHA) program. The result has been dramatic improvements in charitable care.

US Medical Institutions

Through the development of long-term collaborative relationships with the most well-respected U.S. medical research and education institutions, the Foundation has fostered individual and institutional achievements that benefit students, faculty and patients alike.

Scudder Family

The Scudder family’s dedication to missionary work, which dates back more than 200 years, gave rise to the founding of CMC. Ida Scudder, the granddaughter of the first U.S. missionary to travel abroad, began her own medical mission in Vellore in 1900.

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Christian Medical College, Vellore

A Bold Vision with Humble Beginnings​

The Christian Medical College (CMC) in Vellore, India was founded in 1900 as a one-room clinic by Dr. Ida S. Scudder. Today, CMC is a renowned medical institution that cares for over two million patients and trains thousands of doctors, nurses and other medical professionals each year. CMC conducts the region’s most advanced medical research, training, and health programs.

News and Noteworthy

Our Pledge to You

100 percent of your gift goes towards the improvement of healthcare in India.

As responsible stewards of the resources entrusted to our care, we pledge to utilize every donation wisely and effectively to fulfill our donors’ intent. We promise to ensure the realization of the humanitarian missions for which our organization exists.