Faith-Based Community

Global Missions in Communion with U.S. Churches Marked the Beginning of CMC

CMC’s affiliation with the U.S. faith-based community dates back to a place in history that preceded CMC’s founding in 1900. Two generations of Scudder family missionaries worked in India through the sponsorship of the Reformed Church in America prior to the start of Dr. Ida Scudder’s work in Vellore.

Emphasis on Compassion Results in Creation of Empathy as an Institutional Culture

From the start, CMC groomed its core group of medical doctors and nurses to stay attentive to the physical and spiritual healing of every patient. Today, this same dedication to “compassionate care” serves as the cornerstone for the more than 150 mission hospitals throughout India that are affiliated with CMC.

Faith-Based Community Continues to Play a Vital Role in Caring for India’s Poorest

CMC’s outreach programs throughout all of India remain directly tied to the many faith-based organizations that are located here in the United States – several of which have been supporting CMC for the past 120 years. Through acts of volunteerism and financial support, the U.S. faith-based community has continuously helped define the meaning of high-quality compassionate care in India.

Come Change the World with Us

Does your church or other type of faith-based organization have an interest in supporting mission work in India through CMC? If so, please contact Deepika Srivastava, the Vellore CMC Foundation’s Director of Church Relations

We welcome you to become a part of our faith-based community.

Our Current Faith-Based Partner Organizations