Vellore CMC Foundation & Scudder Association Foundation Together Attend RCA Mission 2020

Members of the Vellore CMC Foundation staff and board (John Riehl, Deepika Srivastava, and Dr. James Taylor) were active participants at the Reformed Church in America’s (RCA’s), Global Mission 2020 Conference held in Orlando, Florida from January 16-18, 2020.  The Conference focused on “Celebrating the past and imagining God’s future”.

Reciprocal relationships in the mission field were highlighted by the Vellore CMC Foundation along with other RCA Global Mission missionaries from around the world as they told stories of God’s empowerment, transformation and provision. Dr. Taylor’s presence was noted publicly by the event chair and Director of Global Mission, Rev. J.P. Sundararajan, due to his blood lineage to RCA’s first medical missionary, Rev. Dr. John Scudder. Jim is the great great great grandson of Dr. John Scudder Sr. 

The conference provided the Foundation with an opportunity to form potential partnerships with other RCA Church families throughout the United States.  We are also excited to work collaboratively with the RCA on a new initiative for a Maternity Hospital in the Jawadhi Hills.

John Riehl, Dr. James Taylor, Deepika Srivastava
Reverend Liz Testa (Denominational Leader & Coordinator for Women’s Transformation and Leadership at RCA) along with the “She is Called” team