Batch of 1957

Batch 1957 (1)

The Beginning...

The Year Fifty-Seven

by Fay Chowfin

‘Twas the year fifty-seven and all through the land;
There was burning and churning, and wringing of hand!
The entrance exams were written and over
The Selection Committee had gone into labour!
They writhed and they moaned in painful contractions;
And soon announced their joyful distractions.

They were – Bensam, Bundellu, Chellappa Paul,
Jegadees, Jiwanmall and Date so tall!
Annie and Annie G. Sarojini and Leela;
Leela R. AND Saro, Vasantha and Veena.
Moses and Sampath and Jeyapathy G
Jacob and Isaac and Krupavathy B.

Came Selva and Kula from over the sea;
Susheela, Sushila and Angela P.
Fay, Nimmi and Dolly and Zokhaw Muana
Don’t get him confused with Erulkar Mona!

Kuruvilla and E.T. Don, Christy and Viji:
Devaprasad, Malathi, Amar and Rosy.
Andhra arrivals Sada, Surya and Joan O.
Israel Eddie and our sports Queen Sulo.

Ramesh, Raju, Rashid and sweet smiling Sally,
K.P. George and Chechamma round off the tally.
‘Twas the year fifty-seven, five decades ago;
We love and we cherish the memories that glow!

Life at CMC


60+ Years of Friendship and Comradery

Members of the Batch of 1957

A.J. Bensam
R.H. Bundellu
Paul Chellappa
Moses A. Dass
Anand P. Date
Jegadees Devanesan
P. Devaprasad
K.P George
J. Jacob
Premchander Jiwanmall
G. Jeyapathy
Isaac Vasantharaj
Israel Edwinraj
Chinniah Kulasingham
K. Kuruvilla
Rashid N. Merchant
Fredrick Pinto
Seshadri Raju
Donald Godfrey Roberts
Rameshkumar Sachdeva
Samuel G. Sadananda Rao
Christopher A. Salins
Sampath S. Savarirayan
P.S. Selvachandran
Eapen Thomas
M.E. Vijayasenan
R. Amarjothi
Angela Premalatha
Nirmala Azariah
Sushila Viswanthan
Fay Chowfin
Chechamma Coapullai
Sarojini Dayal
Mona Erulkar
Elizabeth K. Collins
Dolly K. Farwell
Anna George
Joan O. Israel
Krupavathi Bandaru
S. Malathi
Leela Mathew
Annie Grace Mathew
Sarojini C. Paul
Sulochana Raghavan
Leela Ramachandran
Anita V. Singh
B. Suryakanthamma
R. Susheela
Vasantha Kumari
Veena Shenoy
Annie Verghese
Muana Zokhaw