'CMC Compassionate | CMC Strong’ Campaign

CMC Research/Research Training

One of the central components of the ‘CMC Compassionate | CMC Strong’ campaign is to provide CMC medical students, postgraduate students, and junior faculty, who would otherwise lack the funding to pursue such opportunities, to engage in meaningful clinical research. Working in collaboration with the research department at CMC, the Foundation has established five key funding areas: (1) “Core Research Grants”,  (2) “Annual Research Day Awards”,  (3) “Research Training Workshops”, (4) “Travel Grants for Conferences and Workshops”, and (5) “Support for Publication Fees”.

To further emphasize the importance of medical research throughout the career of a CMC doctor, nurse or allied health professional, these funds will serve to help build a foundation for the understanding of research concepts, good clinical research practices, manuscript writing, and grant writing.

CMC Senior Training Fellowship (STF) / Student Scholarship Opportunities

To provide CMC with the financial resources required to award both student scholarships and faculty training fellowship grants, the Foundation launched its end-of-year ’CMC Compassionate | CMC Strong’ campaign. A portion of the funds from this campaign will be allocated to permit the College of Nursing and the School of Allied Health to offer full-scholarships to students in greatest need of financial assistance. In addition, the Foundation will make funds available to the Department of Human Resources, allowing them to award training fellowship grants for travel to the United States (or another foreign country). These funds will be used to offset tuition fees (if applicable) as well as expenses associated with transportation, professional insurance, lodging, meals, and other necessary items.

CMC Capital Equipment & Infrastructure Improvements

Each of the USAID American Schools and Hospitals Abroad (ASHA) funded programs introduced at CMC over the years has served to allow the Institution to increase its patient care and student education capacity while also serving as a study and demonstration center for American ideas and practices. The USAID/ASHA grants awarded to CMC have helped cultivate positive relationships between citizens of the United States and India.

CMC’s implementation of USAID/ASHA funded projects has directly contributed to excellence and innovation within CMC and the community it has served for the past 120 years. The Foundation’s commitment of resources to support CMC’s efforts to secure ASHA grants has resulted in the receipt of more than $12 million since the time of CMC’s first awarded grant back in 1982.

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