COVID-19 Emergency ICU Response

CMC Follows Government's Lead in its Response to COVID-19 Pandemic

Dr. J.V. Peter, CMC Director, shared that “CMC has created a Central Team for COVID-19 preparedness (CTCP) that meets daily and gets input from several other committees (e.g. Hospital Infection Control Committee, Mask and Supplies Team, Clinical Management Team, Triage Team) in the planning and preparedness for COVID-19. CMC has created protocols for screening, testing, triaging, and admitting patients that is updated daily and posted on CMC’s intranet so CMC community members are constantly updated. CMC has also designated general ward space and COVID surge areas to screen and admit COVID patients as they arrive at the hospital.”

Your Donations Truly Make a Difference

For every $38,000 we raise, we can fund the purchase of one fully-equipped ICU bed, which includes a bedside ventilator, a syringe pump, an infusion pump, a feeding pump, a patient monitor, a humidifier heater, an ECMO machine, a shared ultrasound unit, as well as other essential supplies.
Together, we can stand with CMC in their fight against COVID-19 and their continued commitment to the promotion of physical and spiritual health in the lives of individuals within Vellore and the surrounding communities.

100 percent of your donation will support CMC's COVID-19 emergency response initiative!