Together, We Can Make A Difference

Thank you for Giving of Yourself to Help Support CMC!

We invite you to join a driven and compassionate community of activists who believe that health is a human right, independent of economic and social standing. Together, we can help deliver locally-adapted, transformative healthcare to the people of Vellore, India and beyond. Your time, talent or treasure will make a difference. 

Whether you’re a medical professional looking to volunteer your time and expertise, an individual looking to align your own interests with a results-oriented charitable healthcare organization, or the pastor of a church community focused on global mission work, there is a role and a genuine need for your talents within CMC.

Become a Volunteer

Whether you are a doctor, nurse, business professional, clergy person, lay person, student, or retiree, you can fill volunteer opportunities that align with your skills and areas of interest. On an ongoing basis, we collaborate with CMC to design programs that leverage the talents of our volunteer corp. Opportunities include: medical volunteerism, medical student observerships, field program support for tribal communities, and fundraising & donor research support activities for our office in New York.  

Become a Foundation Member

Opportunities to become an institutional or individual member of the Foundation are made available on an annual basis through a nomination and election process. At our annual meeting held in June, new members are accepted into the Foundation, providing each with greater access to volunteer opportunities and with the ability to vote for the election of both new Foundation and board members. All board members are chosen from within the Foundation’s family of institutional and individual members.  

Launch Your Own Campaign

We are dedicated to investing your charitable contributions into healthcare solutions that transform lives. Whether it’s the construction of a new specialty hospital, or scholarships for deserving students, we count on our donors and our dedicated global network of professionals who are committed to a healthier, more prosperous India.

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