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When matching great expectations with our operational responsibilities and limited resources, the ability to benefit from the skillsets of countless professionals who possess a willingness to volunteer their time can be immeasurable. To our good fortune, we’ve continuously benefitted from the expertise of legal, financial, fundraising, event planning, copywriting, graphic designing, medical, journalistic and a host of other generous experts.

Through each of their contributed services (or services-in-kind), we’ve been able to reduce revenue requirements needed to meet our operational objectives, and also dramatically improve the quality of our development and other activities. The generosity of our volunteers has directly allowed us to send greater amounts of funding to CMC to support its research, education, and charity care services activities.

Volunteer Opportunities in Vellore

MEDICAL – We organize volunteer opportunities in Vellore, India for both medical and non-medical professionals. For doctors, as well as other medical professionals such as nurses, physical therapists, and physician’s assistants, we arrange opportunities for short- and extended-stay volunteerism, allowing U.S. medical professionals to observe, teach, provide patient care or demonstrate techniques used within their specific area of medicine.

NON-MEDICAL – Throughout the year, at least half of our volunteers who travel to Vellore, India have no medical background, and provide other services that are critical to the successful operations of CMC’s field clinic activities. Whether you are looking to schedule a volunteer opportunity during your vacation time, or you simply want to find a way to make a meaningful difference for those less fortunate than yourself, an international trip to Vellore, India may be ideal for you.

As a non-medical volunteer, you will work side-by-side with CMC’s medical and/or community service team each day to build or strengthen important relationships with members of the community. All our volunteers contribute to providing comprehensive community health education to CMC’s patients and village members to empower them to take and manage their own health care. This is a critical component for all short-term medical mission trips, as it allows us to leave a lasting footprint on the community. As a frontline volunteer, you will be a part of this important team.

While we are happy to coordinate our volunteer experiences, individuals will be responsible for their own travel and living accommodations.

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