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Throughout the lifetime of the Vellore CMC Foundation (CMC), many dedicated individuals and institutions have annually elected to become and remain “members” of the Foundation. These members have played pivotal roles in shaping our vision and mission. From the onset, leadership from within the faith-based community, in concert with U.S.-based CMC alumni, members of the Scudder family, and others have helped shape the core values that guide every decision we make.

Opportunities to become either an institutional or individual member of the Foundation are made available on an annual basis through a nomination and election process. New members are accepted at our annual meeting each June, providing them with greater access to our financial and personnel information, national and international volunteer opportunities, and the ability to vote for the election of both new Foundation members, board members, and officers. From the Foundation’s group of institutional and individual members, all candidates for membership to the Foundation board are chosen.

Are you interested in becoming a Foundation Member? Connect with CMC Foundation President John Riehl.

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Become a Foundation Member

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What We Hope to Achieve with the New Program


  • To decrease infant and maternal mortality by 50 percent in five years, so less young babies and fewer mothers die.
  • To increase childhood immunization to 80 percent in five years, so more children are vaccinated and get fewer illnesses.
  • To increase access to antenatal care to 100% in two years, making care for pregnant moms-to-be available for all within the Jawadhi Hills.
  • To provide access to adequate treatment for tuberculosis, leprosy and non-communicable diseases. This is a broad aim looking at the medical problems that people have. The goal is to have adequate staff and clinics to provide care for all who need it.
  • To provide access to emergency care 24 hours a day by establishing a clinic and housing for staff to reside in Jawadhi Hills and be able to provide care at any time of the day.

More than Just Healthcare – Development

  • To provide access to primary education for the local children. Make schools, both buildings and teachers, available for all the children under 11 years old.
  • To provide access to vocational training to all villages that will prepare people for specific jobs (e.g. carpentry, tailoring)
  • To decrease migration by 50 percent in five years. Migration occurs because young people cannot get jobs locally, so they travel to the plains to work.
  • To decrease school dropout to 20 percent up to the 10th standard. Many children drop out of school before they are 15 years old. There are many reasons for this, so it will be a multi-pronged approach.
  • To help students gain access to higher education in mainline or technical courses for employment by overcoming financial constraints. CMC has grants to pay for Jawadhi Hills students to get a higher education.
  • To decrease the hazardous use of alcohol to 30% within five years. There is a high use and abuse of alcohol, usually among men within Jawadhi Hills, causing many medical and social problems. The goal is to decrease the use and abuse of alcohol.