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An Effective Way to Double or Triple the Impact of Your Generosity!

Work with us to launch a matching gift (also known as a challenge grant) campaign! This is an opportunity to inspire others to participate in a unified effort that supports the CMC projects that you and your family are most passionate about. This strategic approach to fundraising is one of the most consistent and effective ways to increase both the numbers and amounts of gifts received, resulting in a greater impact in a shorter amount of time. Our campaigns always incorporate a “give by” deadline, creating a sense of urgency.

One attractive aspect of every matching gift roll-out strategy is that we invite our matching donor to either remain anonymous or be featured – should they choose to help promote the matching gift campaign they have initiated.

The Successful Outcome of a Recent Matching Gift Campaign

On January 1, 2019, the Foundation launched a matching gift campaign with the goal of raising $100,000 by April 15, 2019. Dr. Rob Fish – a member of the Scudder family – pledged to match the first $50,000 on a dollar-to-dollar basis. This initiative was launched to support CMC’s Low-Cost Effective Care Unit (LCECU).

All proceeds from this campaign were designated to support the Unit’s 2019 “Care in the Community” vision, which included (1) opening new outreach medical clinics for underserved communities in Vellore; (2) improving education and training opportunities; (3) strengthening economic development; and (4) improving sanitation – all while increasing dialogue and empowerment within each community.

The campaign raised more than $76,000 through our donor community, resulting in Dr. Fish’s decision to increase his matching gift to $60,000. This $100,000 challenge grant campaign resulted in a gift of $136,000 to CMC because 100 percent of all donations made directly supported the LCECU.

Please call us at 800-875-6370, or email us at to start your own matching gift campaign today.

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