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As COVID Patients Surpass 1500, CMC Opens Additional 12-bed ICU at Kannigapuram Campus

As the number of COVID-19 cases continue to surge in South India, CMC has been rapidly increasing their capacity to care for patients with mild to severe cases. In the last two weeks alone, the number of COVID positive cases in Vellore has grown exponentially, requiring CMC to redesignate the use of their facilities to COVID care and escalate their medical manpower.

Within 10 days of opening the Paul Brand Block – which created 100 beds for “level 1” and “level 2” treatment, as well as a 12-bed “level 3” Intensive Care Unit (ICU) – CMC added an additional 12-bed ICU at their Kannigapuram campus.  CMC staff worked around the clock to install and operationalize the new unit, which would help to ensure no patient was turned away for lack of a bed.

As of May 14th, CMC’s total COVID19 bed strength is now at 1,051, including 100 ICU beds. However, as their in-patient load exceeds 1,200, they are now taking on the challenge of creating a 200-bed COVID ward on the Kannigapuram campus, including an additional 12-bed ICU. Originally built to serve as a Level I Trauma Care Center and Higher Specialty Hospital, the new Kannigapuram campus has enabled CMC to efficiently manage COVID cases throughout the first and second wave of the pandemic. Learn more about how you can help.

Another challenge facing CMC is the shortage of personnel with proper COVID treatment training. CMC’s effort to resolve this issue is based on its ability to upskill its current medical staff. Presently, all doctors with a post-graduate background are undergoing specific training to manage level 2 patients, and those with a more specialized degree in medicine and related fields are being trained to manage level 3 patients. CMC’s staff members with specialization in pre-and para-clinical subjects have been trained and posted in level 1 wards under the supervision of physicians.

CMC’s tactics have enabled the rapid escalation of medical manpower. Furthermore, to accomplish the upskill initiative, CMC has created two online programs – one for doctors and nurses and another for community front-line workers. These programs were run previously during the 1st wave in 2020, benefitting healthcare workers and patients alike. These programs have been restarted and are available to any doctor, nurse, and community health worker.

Throughout these unprecedented times, CMC’s unwavering commitment to serve continues to strengthen, and through our collective support CMC will be able to provide care for the sickest patients who have the least resources.

What You Can Do

We have an ambitious and unprecedented goal of raising $1.25 million (by the end of this month) for CMC through this second surge of the COVID-19 pandemic. Every dollar donated will go directly to CMC towards the purchasing of necessary medical equipment including ventilators, pulse oximeters, oxygen concentrators, and BIPAP machines, and to purchase PPE to protect healthcare workers as they care for patients. Every dollar donated for these COVID relief efforts will make an immediate impact. Please join us in supporting our fellow Indian citizens in surviving this tragic second wave of the pandemic.

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