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CMC Opens One-of-a-Kind Dr. Ida Belle Scudder Assisted Living Center

On September 16, 2020, CMC organized a ribbon-cutting ceremony held at its newly completed Assisted Living Center, at which the North American Alumni Association, the Scudder Family, and CMC’s many other supporters were recognized for their extreme generosity. The new facility, named in honor of Dr. Ida Belle Scudder, was constructed to provide care for CMC’s retired faculty and staff.

The event commenced with an opening prayer by CMC’s Head Chaplin, Rev. Arul Dhas, which was followed by the official ribbon cutting by Dr. Premila Lee, Nursing Superintendent, signifying the commitment of CMC’s nursing staff to play a primary role in running the day-to-day operation of the Center.

”I realized what has kept me passionate about life and my career is a lesson that I learned at CMC — that you do the best job you can every day. I learned that at CMC, and from my aunt Ida B”.

Dr. Robert Fish

Dr. Honorine Ward (Batch ’69) recalled the history of this endeavor, most of which took place during her tenure as Chair of the Board of Directors of Vellore CMC Foundation. Beginning in 2014, Dr. Albert Johnson (Batch ‘61), led a fundraising initiative amongst the CMC Alumni in the United States for the development of a medical care and convalescing facility for retired CMC faculty and staff. Dr. Johnson’s activities were done in tandem with the generous support of the Scudder Association Foundation and Dr. Robert (Rob) Fish, DDS. Dr. Fish, the nephew of Dr. Ida B. Scudder, was humbled to contribute to this project, requesting that the facility be named in memory of his Aunt Ida B.

Reflecting back, Dr. Fish noted ”I realized what has kept me passionate about life and my career is a lesson that I learned at CMC — that you do the best job you can every day. I learned that at CMC, and from my aunt Ida B”.

The new facility was constructed to fulfill the primary goal of providing transitional care for those retired CMC alumni in need of short- and intermediate-term medical treatment and rehabilitation. Under the leadership and direction of CMC Director, Dr. J.V. Peter, along with the implementation support of a special task force, this new specialty care facility, located on Filter Bed Road, was completed to pay tribute to CMC’s retired faculty and staff – bringing to fruition an idea and an ideal proposed years ago. The Dr. Ida B. Scudder Center, covering two floors, will have eight rooms, as well as a common lounge, nursing station, and kitchen. Thanks to the generosity of donors the Foundation raised $350,000 for this project that will not only fund the construction of the facility but will support the Nursing/Housekeeping staffing and maintenance for the next three years!

Although there have been many twists on the road to the opening of the Dr. Ida B. Scudder Assisted Living Center, it has been achieved as a collaborative effort of CMC’s Leadership, Staff, Alumni, Supporters, and the Scudder Family.

The dedication ceremony was broadcast to all supporters. A recording may be viewed here.

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