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How Social Distancing Has Brought Us Closer Together

In every part of the world, the desire to protect our own wellbeing and that of our families has created a newfound imperative for social distancing. As an added benefit, the spread of the coronavirus has also helped each of us rediscover how much we need and depend upon each other. We have all become keenly aware of our need for essential workers (from medical professionals to mail delivery persons), but what has also become abundantly clear is our need to create opportunities for social interaction using video conferencing and similar communications technologies to do so.

While video conferencing does not possess all the advantages of being in the same room with the members of our CMC community, the Foundation’s recent use of Zoom has proved to be more effective than any other solution available. It has allowed us to facilitate conversations, lectures, prayer gatherings, and concerts, as well as the engagement of our Board and Foundation members, who have from a distance shared their individual skills and inspiration to assist us in reaching our 2020 goals and objectives.

Worth highlighting are the blended voices of the a cappella group, Backtrack Vocals, who sang their way into our hearts back in April during a virtual concert offered to the CMC global community. To have a listen to one of their featured songs, simply click here.

There is no substitution for one-on-one interaction, but in our ability to utilize Zoom more fully, we have learned how to provide an easy-to-use, comfortable platform for sharing and fellowship at a time when we all may need it the most.

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