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Meet Jeisun Poornaselvan: The Foundation’s Youngest Jawadhi Hills Model Villages Supporter

Over the summer, Jeisun Poornaselvan, son of our Corporation member and CMC Nursing Alumna, Catherine Poornaselvan, spent two weeks in the remote villages of the Jawadhi Hills shadowing doctors and experiencing first hand CMC’s unique ethos of compassionate, quality care. Jeisun also galvanized support from his congregation to raise funds for the Jawadhi Hills Model Villages Project.

Jeisun’s reflections about his memorable experience at CMC are provided below:

This summer I was blessed to have the opportunity to volunteer at CHAD in CMC. The story of three knocks by Ida Scudder is ingrained in the minds of the CMC personnel but the message is still powerful over a hundred years later. At my time in CHAD, I was able to receive hands on, unique experience that I will never forget. I was able to volunteer in Casualty and OPD, where I observed doctors. Each individual that walked through the doors was treated with utmost respect and love.

Over five hundred patients walked through the doors during the ante-natal clinic and each was treated with compassion. More than the treatment received, was the message behind it, that love is more important than money. A lesson I learned throughout my stay at CMC. One doctor told me, “I only make one-tenth of the salary, but the work I do is immeasurable”, and this changed my perspective. In a world where money runs everything, this made me reflect on the deeper meanings of life. Hundreds of people walk hundreds of kilometers specifically to CMC to receive medical care. CMC is more than just a hospital; it is a place of hope and love, not only by the doctors but all personnel.

The ride to Jawadhi hills in a jeep was filled with laughs from the social workers and drivers. As an American coming to volunteer, I was afraid of the cultural differences and to find my place to fit in. As soon as I walked into the doors of CMC, I was greeted by love. All the personnel strived to make me comfortable, trying to speak my language. The journey to Jawadhi was an experience I will never forget, bonds were created that will never be broken even if I never see the same people again. During the mobile clinic, we parked under a tree and the tribal people came to receive healthcare. I was blessed with the opportunity to interact with them, and perform medical aid. They trusted me, even though I do not speak their language or look like them. One of my fondest memories was when a two- year- old fell asleep in my arms, and sharing my biscuits with a four- year- old. While teaching basic sanitation to a class of third graders, they were amazed by a simple flashlight. The joy that was in their eyes while I gave them stickers from a Dollar Tree was insurmountable. From sharing cold coffees with doctors in casualty, to travelling hours with doctors, this is an experience I will never forget. The bond became so strong, one of the doctors and I had food poisoning and both took off two days.

The same roads trekked by Ida Scudder have grown into doctors with medicine impacting whole villages for the better. The love shown by Ida Scudder has stood the test of time, the dirt roads and any dilemma. Three knocks came to Ida Scudder, but now hundreds of hands shape the environment and leads them to a better lifestyle. CMC is a place of hope, love and security, it is something unforgettable.

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