Shaping the future of healthcare in India

We Support CMC through Strategic Fundraising and Friendraising

In collaboration with our philanthropic partners in the U.S. and in concert with CMC Vellore, we support research that is helping shape the future of medicine; education that is preparing India’s next generation of uniquely qualified healthcare professionals; and high-quality compassionate care that is available to all without regard to race, ethnicity, creed or an ability to pay.


Each year, we seek new and meaningful ways to engage our generous donors through a series of charitable giving campaigns and appeals. Additionally, we prioritize informing our donors about the use and benefits of gifts they have made.


Within the U.S. healthcare community and beyond, we are continuously looking to expand our network of CMC supporters. Through new connections, we’ve been able to develop CMC’s most collaborative relationships, resulting in breakthrough research and extraordinary exchange opportunities.

Ensuring the Best Possible Outcomes

We invest in CMC initiatives that directly and positively impact the lives of the people they serve. Our Christian roots inspire us to support community health projects for India’s most vulnerable populations, while funding the most advanced medical education and scientific research in the region.

Our Six Primary Areas of Interest


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