Compassionate Care

Dedicated to Supporting the Spiritual and Physical Health of Every CMC Patient

High-quality compassionate care has been at the forefront of our development activities from our start. Through our approach, we’ve been able to raise more than $18 million toward CMC programs that specifically support the needs of South India’s most impoverished rural and urban populations. 

Jawadhi Hills Model Villages Addresses the Many Needs of a Tribal Community

In addition to funding healthcare programs, we also support unique, innovative projects. In the Jawadhi Hills region of Tamil Nadu, we have provided both financial and volunteer labor support to a CMC-sponsored “Model Village Project” that provides clean water, proper sanitation, education and economic development, in addition to medical services.

The head of neurology spoke to me for nearly an hour about what was going on in my mother’s comatose brain. The spine surgeon sounded heartbroken when he told me my mother was no longer moving her fingers. I’d politely ambush people walking down the corridor with stethoscopes around their necks to explain a medical point to me, which they always did with great patience. And I saw these brilliant, top-notch doctors at one of India’s leading hospitals extend empathy to everyone alike without discrimination — I had never before encountered empathy as an institutional culture.

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