Jawadhi Hills Model Village Project

Supporting Innovative Care for the Tribal People of the Jawadhi Hills

CHAD’s Jawadhi Hills Tribal Project, started in 1980, is dedicated to meeting the health and social needs of the tribal people residing in the remote hills near Vellore. The project is focused on improving maternal and child health with direct medical interventions, while also supporting economic and social development, education, and advocacy training.

About The Region

The people of the Jawadhi Hills region in the Eastern Ghat Range belong to the Malayali Tribe, meaning “people of the hills.” Most of these tribal people are small-scale subsistence farmers or land laborers. The 80,000 residents have few options for healthcare due to poorly paved roads and a lack of trained health professionals in the region, leading to higher morbidity and lower life expectancy. A recent CMC survey discovered that 98 percent of Jawadhi Hills children are born at home and only 20 percent complete immunization before the age of five.

A Comprehensive Approach to Sustainable Livelihoods in the Hills

Through discussions with the communities and village leadership, the Jawadhi HIlls Model Villages Project was launched with four primary goals in mind:

  • To provide access to health care, clean water, means for personal hygiene and sanitation
  • To prevent distress migration from rural to urban areas that tends to undermine the potential for development in the home villages
  • To contribute towards social empowerment by engaging all sectors of the community in the task of village development
  • To make the model village(s) a “hub” that can inspire positive development in other Jawadhi villages and attract resources for this type of sustainable development

This comprehensive Model Villages Project is currently being implemented in four separate villages to demonstrate the benefits of improved hygiene, social & educational programs, and employment training for villagers.

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