The Low-Cost Effective Care Unit

Service on the Front Lines of Healthcare

Help us support quality healthcare for those who need it most.

The Low Cost Effective Care Unit (LCECU) provides care for underserved communities in challenging settings in India.


LCECU staff treat complex illnesses and work tirelessly to break down barriers to care and reduce disparities. They approach their work with a distinct philosophy of empowerment, respect, dignity, and compassion, immersing themselves in the personal aspects of individual care.


You can help support these selfless caregivers in their quest for a world where healthcare is available to all, regardless of income or social status.

Empowering Patients

Each person treated at the LCECU is empowered to understand their condition and make informed decisions.

Established in 1983, the LCECU works from a small outpatient clinic and 46-bed general practice facility attached to the Schell Eye Hospital in Vellore City. Most LCECU staff are family physicians and community health specialists who are specially trained to consider socio-economic circumstances when delivering care. Using an efficient, low-cost approach, medical tests are only ordered if they have the potential to change a diagnosis. Medication is prescribed based only on its effectiveness and affordability.

Trained neighborhood volunteers play an essential role at LCECU as the eyes and ears that link their communities to the center. These proud volunteers assume leadership roles in their community, gaining the respect and admiration of their neighbors.
Consider supporting the LCECU with a donation today. Your dollars will directly go to our Fellowship Program that supports LCECU staff by fostering collaboration and leading to new research and learning opportunities.

100 percent of your donation will be sent to CMC to support this new initiative!

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