Jawadhi Hills Maternity Hospital

Improving the Jawadhi Hills Healthcare System is CMC’s Next Great Challenge

Today, the residents of the Jawadhi Hills have few options for healthcare services outside of CMC. Consequently, large numbers of infant deliveries take place in unsafe environments and immunization coverage is low.

CMC is committed to establishing a 24-hour hospital in Veerapanoor Village to provide natural childbirth deliveries, obstetric & neonatal intensive care, and maternal-child healthcare training.

Reuniting with Institutions Whose Generosity Dates Back to CMC’s Origins

We are partnering with the Reformed Church in America (RCA) and the Scudder Association Foundation to support CMC’s efforts to construct and maintain a maternity hospital and training facility in the Jawadhi Hills. Each organization has played a vital role in the growth of CMC dating back to when Ida S. Scudder first returned to Vellore. 


Today, we are just $75,000 away from reaching our goal of $500,00 and from realizing a dream that will change the lives of many as they embrace a world where medical care becomes a common part of their daily life. 


A Continuation of Dr. Scudder's Concern for the Health of Expectant Mothers and their Children

“As a funeral passed our house during the morning, it made me very unhappy. I could not bear to think of these young girls as dead…I must go home and study medicine and come back to India to help such women.”

These were the words of Ida S. Scudder after she witnessed the deaths of three young mothers and their newborns in the 1895. Today, mothers in the Jawadhi Hills are lacking access to basic healthcare, and CMC is prepared to fill this gap. Join us in supporting CMC’s efforts to improve the health and welfare of pregnant women in these tribal communities.

100% of your donation will fund CMC's new initiative!