Vellore CMC Foundation

A History of Excellence

The Vellore CMC Foundation has guided and supported CMC for nearly 100 years. When Dr. Ida S. Scudder completed her medical education and returned to Vellore to open a hospital and medical school in 1899, the missionary ministry of the Reformed Church in America (RCA), along with other denominations, were already sending American missionaries to India, including many Scudders. 

Dr. Scudder was adopted by the RCA, the Methodist Church, and several other denominations and women’s committees. Within a few years, additional American and British churches had joined, forming the General Board of Dr. Scudder’s new Mission Medical College for Women in Vellore. The General Board provided financial oversight, structural support, and governance to the newly-established college. Dr. Scudder reported to the American Section, presenting plans for growth, mapping out fundraising, and requesting missionary doctors and nurses to staff the College.

In 1932, the newly-named American Committee of the Governing Board of the Missionary Medical College for Women, Vellore was incorporated in the State of New York to govern CMC, raise funds, manage investments, and represent the College in the U.S. and Canada. 

By 1945, coinciding with the decision to admit men to CMC, the organization became the Vellore Christian Medical College Board (North American Section), whose mission was to provide financial and church-related support to the new CMC for women and men. Governance was passed to the Indian Council of Churches in Vellore, and the American Section of the Board continued to coordinate medical missions and fundraising.

In 1962, two years after Dr. Scudder’s death, a small group of Scudder friends and family left the Board and formed The Ida S. Scudder Vellore Association, although they remained affiliated and united on behalf of CMC. Ten years later, the two groups reunited as the Vellore Christian Medical College Board (North American Section). In 2009, it was renamed the Vellore Christian Medical College Foundation, Inc.