Focus on Accountability

As both members and employees of the Vellore CMC Foundation, we are dedicated to being responsible stewards of the financial resources you have entrusted to us. We will lead and manage the funds with great care, planning, and attention, both at the individual and organizational level.

Our audited financial statements will provide you with a clear and accurate picture of our ongoing efforts to carry out the responsibilities of proper stewardship.

Commitment to Transparency

If you would like to learn more about the Vellore CMC Foundation, you will receive full access to and proper disclosure of all available past and current financial information (such as our audited financial reports).


To provide the fullest assurance to our donors, we require every Foundation employee and board member to review and execute our Conflict of Interest policy on an annual basis. Additionally, we contract with independent auditing and investment firms to ensure the use of proper accounting and investment principles across all business activities.

Our Pledge to You

As responsible stewards of the resources entrusted to our care, we pledge to utilize every donation wisely and effectively to fulfill our donors’ intents. We exist to make projects, research, and humanitarian missions focused on improving healthcare in India happen. We promise you that 100 percent of your gifts will go directly towards fulfilling this goal.