CMC Alumni

Strengthening the Bonds Between CMC and the Foundation

Our alumni based in the U.S. are the cornerstone of Vellore CMC Foundation’s efforts, providing us with invaluable support and innovative ideas. Our extraordinary alumni community exemplifies loyalty and dedication to CMC and to one another. They inspire and challenge all CMC graduates to act as a force for good in their community and globally.

Inspiring a Spirit of Healing and Innovation

CMC’s U.S. alumni are building their careers in American medical institutions by delivering care with empathy, contributing to scientific breakthroughs, and sharing their knowledge with the next generation of healthcare professionals. Their commitment to medical excellence and high-quality care are a testament to the quality of their education at CMC Vellore.

CMC Alumni Making News and History

Dr. Nalini Vadivelu (‘70), Professor of Anesthesiology at Yale University, recently invented a special laryngeal mask with inbuilt suction to enable easy access to the hypopharynx in order to remove secretions from the nose and mouth. 

Dr. Honarine Ward (‘69), Professor of Medicine at Tufts University, in collaboration with international investigators, is conducting cross sectional and longitudinal studies of infectious diarrheal diseases, particularly among children in resource-limited settings. 

CMC Alumni in the News

CMC Alumni Come Together for their Alma Mater

In response to an appeal by CMC Director, J.V. Peter, alumni batches are presently and quickly organizing to help mitigate financial hardships brought on by the coronavirus pandemic. While CMC has become an exemplar of COVID19 preparedness and response, they have also been faced with

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