U.S. Medical Institutions

In Meaningful Partnerships, Excellent Opportunities are Found

The fostering of collaborative relationships with the most well respected academic medical institutions in the U.S. is key to our mission. Through this “friend-raising” initiative, we ensure CMC’s attainment of excellence in medical research, post-graduate education and high-quality compassionate care. Our bi-directional student and faculty exchange programs provide unique cross-cultural experiences.

Tufts President Monaco, Acting Provost Kochevar, CMC Director JV Peter, Tufts School of Medicine Dean Berman and CMC Principal Pulimood, renewing a long standing MOA between CMC and Tufts

A Successful University Partnership with CMC

“Tufts sends an average of 30 or 40 students a year to India to acquire the essentials of community medicine, at which our partners at Christian Medical College in Vellore, South India, are masters. We send students abroad not just to see tropical diseases they won’t see at home, but to learn what it’s like to take care of a population.” 

– Dr. Harris Berman, Former Dean, Tufts University

Weill Cornell & CMC Now Engaged in a 15 Year Cervical Cancer Screening Program

Dr. Madelon Finkel, Director of Global Health Education at the Weill Cornell Medical College, in collaboration with Dr. Rita Isaac of CMC, have been working together as epidemiological researchers for decades. Their current research focuses on cervical cancer screening in rural Tamil Nadu, India where they have documented a 35% reduction in mortality from cervical cancer after a single round of visual inspection with acetic acid (VIA) compared with those who are not offered screening

Left to right: Dr. Madelon Finkel and Dr. Rita Isaac

Whether it’s a storied partner like Weill Cornell, Tufts, the University of Wisconsin, or a new relationship forged from a love of shared learning, each partnership fosters a spirit of knowledge, compassion, and creativity among CMC students, alumni, and staff through exchanges, fellowships, and more.  


If your institution is interested in learning more about the benefits of a medical partnership with CMC, please call us at 800-875-6370, or email us.