Scudder Family Partnership

Borne from the Spirit of “Service to Others”

“Service to Others” encapsulates how Dr. John Scudder and his wife Harriet approached their community in 1719, and this spirit continues to live through the Scudder Association Foundation to this day. The Scudder family takes pride in the pioneering medical mission work that their relatives, including Ida Scudder, embarked upon.

Founded in 1912, the Scudder Association supports and perpetuates this work, and in doing so, has long been one of our most generous philanthropic partners.

Empowering CMC Faculty to Travel and Learn From Medical Experts Globally

The Scudder Association Foundation has been a regular contributor to the Dr. Honorine Ward Senior Training Fellowships program. For many years, CMC doctors and nurses have been able to pursue fully-funded CME and observership experiences through this unique fellowship program.

Scudder Family Member Launches $50,000 Matching Gift Campaign!

In 2019, the Foundation launched a matching gift campaign with the goal of raising $100,000 to support CMC’s Low-Cost Effective Care Unit (LCECU). Dr. Rob Fish, a member of the Scudder family, pledged to match the first $50,000 donated dollar-to-dollar in support of the LCECU. In the end, the campaign raised over $70,000, and Dr. Fish provided a matching gift of $60,000 rather than that of his original pledge.

The Taylor family with CMC Principal, Dr. Anna Pulimood. From left to Right: Dr. James Taylor, Dr. Anna Pulimood, Dr. Susan Taylor, and Dr. Alison Taylor.

199 Years of Service: A Family's Legacy of Medical Work Continues

“I remember so well the oppressive heat when I disembarked from the train and there was [my aunt] Dr. Ida waiting for me, fanning, fanning away. As we were waiting for my baggage to appear, she kept saying, ‘Jeldi, Jeldi!’ – that means ‘Hurry, hurry!’ – ‘Let’s get out of this heat.’ I remember thinking to myself that if she has lived here all these years and she finds it hot too, I expect I’ll survive.”

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