Scientific Research

Research Made Possible for Doctors & Scientists in Early Stages of Their Careers

Through the generosity of our Board of Directors and donors who have endowed their gifts to ensure that research remains at the forefront of CMC’s mission, a five-year $250,000 program was established to support student and junior fellow academic research in all areas of medical science. This fund also creates opportunities for CMC students and fellows to attend medical conferences around the world.

Advancements in Hematology Research Leading to Improved Patient Outcomes

The Foundation, in partnership with Bayer Global (a U.S. enterprise with core competencies in the Life Sciences R&D), has provided the resources needed to conduct a multi-center international study on low dose prophylaxis for patients with Hemophilia. This new investigation into Hemophilia treatment brings together researchers from the developing world to improve patient outcomes within their communities. 

Senior Training Fellowships Help Facilitate East/West Collaborative Research

The Foundation-sponsored Dr. Honorine Ward Senior Training Fellowship program creates opportunities for senior CMC faculty to spend 6-12 weeks obtaining expertise or conducting research at academic institutions throughout the world to enhance their competence in a specific area of medical science.