Dr. Honorine Ward Senior Training Fellowships

Awarding CMC Faculty While Paying Tribute to Dr. Honorine Ward (Batch of ’69)

One of our oldest traditions is funding competitive Senior Training Fellowships (STFs), which were instituted to award CMC faculty with a 6-12-week medical research/study program located at an academic institution in the U.S. Over the years, numerous CMC doctors and nurses have pursued this STF award and have benefitted tremendously from the opportunities to enhance their skills and competency in a medical specialty of their choosing.

To qualify, each candidate must propose a project or area of study that will have a substantial benefit to both the Fellow and CMC.

The Dr. Honorine Ward Senior Training Fellowship Award

Our Senior Training Fellowship Awards has become one of our core initiatives. We are funding four or more grants per year to senior faculty from the Departments of Medicine, Nursing and Allied Health. CMC leads the selection process, and determinations are based on the unique benefits that the fellowship experience will have on the candidates, and the likelihood these benefits will carry over to CMC’s faculty and student upon the Fellow’s return.

In 2019, our board of directors in collaboration with CMC, decided to rename this award program in honor of one of our most loyal and dedicated members, Dr. Honorine Ward. Today, the “Dr. Honorine Ward Senior Training Fellowship Award” provides CMC faculty members with the funding needed to cover all travel and living expenses during their stay at a chosen U.S-based medical center of excellence. 

By design, each fellowship experience should:
• Introduce the Fellow to prospective U.S.-based collaborators leading to their participation in future CMC projects
• Offer CMC new clinical and bench research partnership opportunities
• Position CMC faculty members as strong potential partners in future global projects


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