COVID-19 Emergency Response

India's COVID-19 Crisis

CMC Vellore has been a constant presence at the forefront of the “war on COVID”. Over the span of two months, CMC rapidly built its health infrastructure to respond to the surge of patients arriving at their doors, adding more than 1,000 beds for COVID care. 

As the major referral center for COVID, CMC covers four to five neighboring districts and have treated more than 12,000 patients.

Vaccinate Vellore - "Reach the Unreached"

While continuing to offer curative services, breaking the transmission cycle will only be possible if the community is immunized. Working in collaboration with the state government and leveraging its community outreach programs, CMC has launched Vaccinate Vellore – a campaign to vaccinate an initial population of 70,000 adults in underserved communities within the next 60 days.

At the cost of $11 per dose, CMC’s goal is to raise $772,000 to provide vaccines free of charge to rural and urban marginalized communities in and around Vellore. Donate today to help #VaccinateVellore!   

Commitement to Quality Health Care for All

New cases of COVID-19 have started to decrease. However, there are still over 20,000 new cases each day in Tamil Nadu alone (June 8th, 2021) and ICU beds are still desperately needed.

All 168 ICU beds at CMC are currently occupied, and close to 70 severely ill patients are being managed in the general wards using non-invasive ventilation while they wait for an ICU bed.

Life-saving equipment, such as ventilators and monitors, are still needed to help CMC deliver quality care to all patients affected by the COVID pandemic. We need your support to save lives.

As India’s largest and finest private charity hospital, CMC is dedicated to serving the healthcare needs of the 34 million people living in the rural and urban communities that surround CMC and its various outreach facilities – doing so without regard to a person’s ability to pay. 

100% of your donation will support CMC's COVID-19 emergency response initiative!

CMC's COVID Response: News & Updates

Thank You for Your Support!

In response to the deadly second wave of COVID-19 in India, the Foundation has raised $1.41 million through a concerted effort with CMC, as well as through the efforts and effectiveness of our Board, alumni, faith-based community, loyal friends and more than 500 newfound donors.

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An Update from CMC on its COVID19 Response

Over the last couple of weeks, CMC has responded in two key domains: First, the number of patients arriving at CMC each day with fever and breathing difficulty increased substantially as the pandemic wave shifted from the North and West to the East and South.

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