Community Health Nursing

Established in 1897, CMC’s world class College of Nursing maintains an important and highly effective Community Health program. Also known as CONCH, it is a vibrant primary health care program managed by nurses.

Home visits form the basis of this outreach program, focusing on a population of almost 65,000 residents across 22 villages, and an additional 23,000 residents across the urban periphery of Vellore. CONCH has a strong health education component and organizes health camps, street plays, films, and exhibitions to generate health awareness. CONCH also works with the District Health Administration and nearby nongovernmental organizations to implement government health projects.

“The pleasant atmosphere is set up by the nurturing nature that nurses have towards the villagers, and by the respect that the villagers have in return for the nurses. Every time we would step into the small cottages, the villagers very kindly arranged for our sitting, which consists of a coconut threaded simple but charming mat, providing a shield from the dusted floors. It was not unusual to be offered some bare peanuts… which by the way are delicious…”

Like all the CMC Community Health programs, CONCH trains and empowers local volunteers to be on the front lines in the villages they serve. CONCH’s programs are family-centered and include clinics for women with high risk pregnancies, geriatric clinics, dental clinics, eye camps, health camps, and hearing aid camps. Home visits are regularly scheduled and carried out by the nursing staff and students.

We support the work of nurses in the CONCH program with fellowships and through newly formed partnerships and collaboration that leads to research and scholarly opportunities.

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