Research Collaboration

The Foundation’s Board is committed to collaboration between U.S. Research Scientists and CMC in Vellore. We feature several projects below — check back often for updates.  

Are you collaborating with CMC on a research project? Send us the details.

Drs. Rita Isaac and Chris Wanke: The Impact of Intestinal Dysfunction on Antiretroviral Therapy in India

Dr. Rita Isaac (Director of CMC’s Rural Unit for Health and Social Affairs (RUHSA) and Dr. Christine Wanke’s (Director of the Nutrition and Infection Unit, Tufts University School of Medicine) research is a direct result of the long-standing CMC-Tufts University Exchange Program. 

The two researchers are currently engaged in their collaborative study: “Impact of Intestinal Dysfunction on Antiretroviral Therapy in India,” awarded in 2008. The grant is exploring whether intestinal dysfunction, which is common in India and in those living with HIV, leads to altered intestinal integrity which may compromise outcomes of HIV treatment in HIV infected individuals in India. 

Drs. Honorine Ward and Gagandeep Kang: HIV, ART and the Intestinal Microbiota

Dr. Honorine Ward and Dr. Gagandeep Kang were awarded an additional grant: “HIV, ART and the Intestinal Microbiota”,  funded by the Indo-U.S. collaboration between NIH and the Indian Council on Medical Research (ICMR). More coming soon.

Drs. Meredith Hawkinsand Nihal Thomas: Lean Diabetes

Professor Meredith Hawkins and the Global Diabetes Institute at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York have been partnering with Professor Nihal Thomas and the Endocrinology Department at CMC Vellore for the past five years. 

Together, these teams have been investigating a novel, poorly-understood form of diabetes formerly known as Malnutrition-Modulated Diabetes Mellitus (MMDM), or Lean Diabetes, believed to originate in the womb or in early childhood development. 

The groups have been collaborating to study patients with Lean Diabetes using highly sophisticated hormone infusion studies. The goal of this project is to generate a conclusive, comprehensive disease profile of Lean Diabetes.

Drs. Rita Isaac and Madelon Finkel: Training for Cervical Cancer Screening

Rita Isaac, MD, MPH, Director of CMC’s RUHSA Program and Madelon Finkel, PhD, Professor of Clinical Public Health and Director of the Office of Global Health at New York’s Weill Cornell Medical College, are engaged in a collaborative project to address the high burden of cervical cancer among rural, underserved women. 

To expand access to cervical cancer screening in the rural Vellore district, the partners designed a two-day cervical cancer screening training workshop for local primary care practitioners to educate them about the importance and the benefits of screening for cervical cancer; and provide participants with education and counseling skills.

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