CMC Level I Trauma and Specialty Medicine Center

CMC’s Mission Expands to Reduce Deaths Related to Road Traffic Accidents

Vellore and the surrounding Tamil Nadu region now has the highest rate of road traffic accidents and associated injuries (and deaths) in India. Thousands of lives are unnecessarily lost each year due to a lack of adequate trauma care.  

In response, CMC is constructing what will become India’s most technologically advanced, multi-specialty trauma care facility – located in the nearby town of Kannigapuram.

This center will provide 24-hour on-site coverage by a dedicated team of trauma specialists, the latest in trauma management medical technology, a Cardiac Care Unit, specialty surgeons within all disciplines of medicine, and over 30 operating theaters. This proposed 1,500-bed medical center will serve as a state-of-the-art clinical and surgical facility dedicated to the treatment of the critically sick and severely injured, employing innovative medical procedures to save more lives.

Integrated Specialty Medicine Center Introduces Best Practices and Skills for Treating Patients and Diseases

CMC’s Specialty Medicine Center will address the growing need for interlinked clinical super-specialties, advanced research, tertiary care, and more. Several key medical specialties include: Dermatology, Oncology, Urology, Radiology, Neurology and Gynecology.  

There is No Better Time to Become a Named Contributor of This Living Legacy

Naming opportunities are available if you have an interest in supporting the opening of CMC Vellore’s most advanced and expensive undertaking in its history. We welcome discussions, and invite you to connect with us to learn more.

Now more than ever, CMC Vellore needs your support to bring this extraordinary undertaking to fruition.
100 percent of your donation will fund CMC's new initiative!

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