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60 Years Later, CMC’s PM&R and New York’s Rusk Rehabilitation Institute Reunite

After nearly sixty years, CMC has academically realigned its Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R) Institute with the internationally acclaimed Rusk Rehabilitation Institute of New York City. The relationship brings back memories of the days when Dr. Mary Verghese, who worked under the tutelage of Dr. Howard Rusk, returned to Vellore to introduce physical rehabilitation as a specialty to India for the first time.

Through the cultivation of a relationship between Rusk Institute Chair, Dr. Steve Flanagan, and Vellore CMC Foundation President, John Riehl, which first began in December of 2018, CMC’s PM&R staff have been invited to attend the Rusk Institute’s bi-monthly Grand Rounds – a methodology of medical education and inpatient care, consisting of presenting the medical problems and treatment of a particular patient to an audience consisting of doctors, pharmacists, residents, and medical students.

As a team of Rehabilitation Specialists, we continue to hold Dr. Mary Verghese’s legacy and evolve into newer Rehabilitation and Technology horizons. We are delighted to accept the invitation and longing to start a collaborative relationship between the Rusk Rehabilitation Institute and CMC

Dr. Jacob George, Prof & HOD, Department of PMR, CMC, Vellore

In the future CMC has plans to start their own Grand Rounds sessions, where physicians and other medical experts from the Rusk Institute will be invited to both attend and present at these special sessions.

We are grateful to Dr. Flanagan and his staff for their efforts and ability to create this unique educational opportunity for CMC. 

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