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BioLogos Director, Praveen Sethupathy, Shares Views on Harmonizing Faith With Science

The Foundation’s “Lecture Series” has been an opportunity to enlighten teachings and life applications of the Christian faith, along with forming new and meaningful partnerships with faith organizations like BioLogos.

Dr. Praveen Sethupathy, (BioLogos Board Member and Director for the Center of Genomics at Cornell University) the keynote speaker of our lecture “Creating Harmony between Faith and Science” highlighted concrete ways in which faith and science harmonize and emphasized that being made in the Image of God (Gen. 1:27) is primarily a “calling of service” gifted by God to each person. He shared that we are called to manifest and channel the characteristics of God and service towards the rest of creation. You may view the full lecture below:

BioLogos upholds the authority and inspiration of the Bible and seeks to promote dialogue that supports the harmony between faith and science. It was founded by one of the top Biologists in the world, Dr. Francis Collins who led the Human Genome Project and is currently the Director of the National Institutes of Health (NIH). 

Christian Medical College and Hospital’s mission is the “Healing Ministry of Christ” and was built on Dr. Ida Scudder’s special calling from God more than 100 years ago! If you are not familiar with Dr. Ida’s story, you may read about it here: Dr. Ida Scudder’s Legacy

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CMC Receives Third Consecutive USAID-ASHA Award to Support Advanced Physical Rehab Robotics Technology

The Foundation and CMC have once again been selected by USAID as an American Schools and Hospitals Abroad (ASHA) grant recipient, a federally funded program that supports infrastructure and capital improvement initiatives. The FY2020 ASHA Grant will support the use of robotics and Artificial Intelligence to help improve physical rehabilitation for people with disabilities.

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60 Years Later, CMC’s PM&R and New York’s Rusk Rehabilitation Institute Reunite

After nearly sixty years, CMC has academically realigned its Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R) Institute with the internally acclaimed Rusk Rehabilitation Institute of New York City. A relationship that was launched on September 1st brings back memories of the days when Dr. Mary Verghese, who worked under the tutelage of Dr. Howard Rusk in New York for 18 months, returned to Vellore to introduce rehabilitative medicine to India for the first time.

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